Dwyane Wade could sign Heat extension. Days after Heat president Pat Riley said his biggest nightmare is losing Dwyane Wade to 2010 free agency, Wade said he might consider ending his bosses sleepless nights a year early. Under the league’s current salary structure, Wade is eligible to sign a contract extension on July 1 that could add another four years and about $86 million onto the two seasons and $33 million that will be left after this season. With speculation among NBA executives that the salary cap and luxury tax thresholds could be reduced in the coming seasons amid a struggling economy, the maximum salaries available to free agents could either level off or decrease slightly. Wade said he hasn’t given much thought to signing an extension this summer, but wouldn’t rule it out. ”When the time comes and I have to sit down at the end of the season and think about it, I will,” Wade said. “I’m not there yet. Who knows where things are going to be in two years? You focus on now.” — Miami Herald

Tyson Chandler among those Thunder could acquire. Financial concerns in New Orleans have the Hornets ready to part with one of the game’s best young, defensive big men. Tyson Chandler is earning $11.3 million this season, and a deal for Oklahoma City’s Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith would work under the league’s collective bargaining agreement rules. — Oklahoman

Cavs LeBron James could change jersey to No. 6 in 2010. Wearing No. 6, though, has become somewhat standard for LeBron James. Ever since his triumphant summer wearing the number for Team USA – which James has said was the best experience of his career – he wears the number during practices and workouts as homage to that gold-medal effort and all the work that went into it. Often when he gives autographed jerseys as gifts to friends or special causes these days, he’ll sign an Olympic No. 6 jersey. So indeed, he is No. 23, but No. 6 is part of him too. Someday, there’s a chance it could be his number all the time. “It’s interesting to think about. I feel like 6 is my number, too,” James said about the prospect of switching. “If the NBA retired 23 because of Michael [Jordan] like baseball did with Jackie Robinson [42], I would definitely switch it. Maybe I would someday, we’ll see.” James wears No. 23 because of Jordan, who was his hero as a child, as have numerous players over the last decade. But now he’s carved out his own niche, and there’s a chance he’d want his own number. “Well, No. 6 was Dr. J [Julius Erving] and Bill Russell’s number,” James said casually, showing his deep knowledge of the game’s history. “There have been great players to wear 6, but Michael is the greatest to wear my number.” … If James would switch, though, there’s a good chance it would happen in 2010. The NBA is likely to alter its uniforms in two years to make their construction more consistent for every team, making them easier to make and reproduce for fans who order them. That is already the case with warm-ups and practice attire now. — Cleveland Plain Dealer

Pistons could deal Tayshaun Prince after season?. That is where the Pistons would come in. They could offer Chris Bosh a chance to play with Stuckey and Hamilton on a future contender. But in order to trade for Bosh (or any other star in this scenario), the Pistons need to stockpile all their assets now. That means guys like Tayshaun Prince, Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell are potential trade chips this summer. — Detroit Free Press

Clips Kaman or Camby to Chicago?. The Bulls continue to debate the pros and cons of Stoudemire. According to NBA sources, they also are monitoring the Clippers’ situation to see if Chris Kaman or Marcus Camby can be pried loose. — Chicago Tribune

Nets: No Vince Carter trade yet. Nets brass in Phoenix for the All-Star weekend fielded numerous inquires, many pertaining to Vince Carter. There were reports and rumors of deals, near deals and possible deals. There were chats with several teams, including the Spurs, but nothing really came close. A proposed 4-for-1 swap couldn’t legally work because the Nets simply did not have the roster spots necessary to complete a deal. “We have nothing going on for Vince Carter,” Vandeweghe said. –NY Post

Kings Brad Miller to Big Apple?. New York, according to sources, is in play for Kings center Brad Miller with an offer involving forward Malik Rose’s expiring contract ($7.6 million). — Sac Bee

Spike Lee: Knicks need to keep Robinson and Lee. Knicks superfan Spike Lee, one of Nate Robinson’s biggest supporters who regularly shows up in a Nate Robinson jersey at the Garden, told The Post last night from his courtside seat at the All-Star Game, that he would like Robinson and David Lee to remain with the team. “Here it is,” he said. “I hope somehow Donnie Walsh can work his magic, can get what he wants in 2010 and still re-sign Nate and David Lee.” — NY Post