Paul Sr & Jr’s Cadillac Bikes

OCC and PJD rush to finish their Cadillac bikes for the build-off, then race CTS-Vs at the Monticello Raceway. And at long last, Junior and Senior face each other when they unveil their bikes at General Motors.

After watching yesterday’s episode of American Chopper’s Senior Vs Junior, I was blown away by Paul Jr’s Cadillac Bike, I especially loved that he got creative by not adding no kick stand to his bike. Although, I still think OCC did a nice job with their Cadillac bike too but it’s no comparison to Paul Jr’s modern day sleek unique look.

And I’m not the only person whom feels that way, the people have spoken. -Rory Marshall,

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Paul Jr Designs Cadillac Bike

OCC Paul Sr. Cadillac Bike

American Chopper Senior vs Junior – CADILLAC BUILD-OFF Part 1

American Chopper Senior vs Junior – CADILLAC BUILD-OFF Part 2

American Chopper Senior vs Junior – CADILLAC BUILD-OFF Part 3

American Chopper Senior vs Junior – CADILLAC BUILD-OFF Part 4

  • Ben

    I enjoy the show. Jr you have a very creative mind, I love the design’s you come up with. Keep up the good work

  • BBudge

    I think in the end that Paul Sr’s bike was better… But both bikes completely missed the mark! Jr’s had that fat rear fender, which created proportions that really didn’t parallel the CTS-V. Then they completely neglected the performance aspect of the car, performance is the core of the Cadillac. It was the fastest production sedan in the world for a time, thus you can’t build a slow fat lethargic chopper and expect it to really represent a car like the CTS-V. On Sr’s end, he tried harder to get closer to the performance aspect of the car, nevertheless he neglected the necessary cornering capability of the car… In the end the bike was too industrial, too much computer modeling and not enough character. These bike should’ve utilised a motor like the one in the 1190RS… Something that makes tons of power, is water cooled, uses modern fuel injection and space-age weight saving materials but it still a V-Twin. Then the stance should’ve allowed for a more corner carving laser sharp handling ability. I know that there was an immense amount of work that went into these bikes, and I know that regardless of who’s bike came closer to meeting the mark… This is going to be about popularity. Sr has ousted himself from the hearts of the public… He has made himself out to be the bad guy, and no one likes the “Bad Guy”. The winner was determined before the bikes were even in the design phase of the build.

  • http://discovery steve sanders

    srs bike is to plain,he’s to busy raggin on his son f off and die sr. your bike SUCKSSSSSS

  • James

    I can’t believe how lopsided this poll is. Paul Sr.’s blows Jr.’s out of the water. It just looks “Cadillac”, with the clean, sleek lines and design cues. Jr.’s bike looks like a hodgepodge of random elements slapped together without too much thought.

  • Tammy Lyon

    i am looking forward to watching the next episode of sr/jr episode but not sure when it is on.please e-mail me and let me know when it will be on.

  • Ryan

    Ok let’s be honest Sr. Doesn’t care about building bikes. He puts more energy into trashing jr and his company then PJD does into 1 bike build. It’s funny to watch OCC cause they all except Rick trash JR. Sr needs to just shut his mouth and worrying about his FAILING company! But I’m sure if it goes under Jr would hire Sr as a janitor!

  • Simon espino

    I like both sr and jr, but I guess that jr. Has. Proved since the beginning that it’s jr creativity that makes the difference in favor of jr. It’s time for sr to recognize that.

  • Ray

    Agree totally with the above comments by Mr.Holmes I think Sr’s rage came from the fact he knew Jr was the creative force behind the best bikes ever to come out of OCC, and this was Sr’s way of keeping Jr down reminding him “I’m the boss”. To Paul Sr you said it yourself this could be the best thing that could have happen to both of you ” you could not work together ” stop the negativity be proud that your son did not fail. That he went out on his own and is successful. Go over to PJD and give your son a hug and tell him you love him and are proud of him. You admitted you were not part of there lives as youths because of your drinking and drug abuse don’t let pride and stubbornness make you miss the rest. Time is short family always should come first above all other interest.

  • Robert A Holmes

    I am a 60 year old contractor, biker, and dovoted fan of American Chopper. I have followed the show from the beginning, and find myself sadened by the way thing’s have changed. Senior, I am closer to your age than Jr’s. I have to tell you, your boy’s seem to be growing up on screen. I also see your attitude become more and more childish and destructive. No, Jr is not perfect. But he is very creative and tallented. You on the other hand, are obsessed with what I would call “BEAN COUNTER ISSUE’S’. Your fit’s (and I mean FIT’S), your uncontrolable rage is almost allway’s beyond reason. You dwell on his every fault, while at the same time seem to totally miss, or ignore all of his strength’s and tallent’s. I am from your generation, but find I must side with your boy’s. Don’t you watch the episodes?

  • ellie gardella- smith

    I have 6 kids and it is hard but at the end of the day you can have your family Paul Jr you do have a good wife she is always by your side but mike who dose he have he is always in the middle of you and your dad money helps but family is for ever tell mike good job on his art work good luck to the family I can’t wait until you all get together for that family BBQ
    I love the bike I just started riding again after all my kids lol 18 to 30 god bless the hold family

  • Curtis

    Yes Jr’s bike is so sick and Sr’s is nice as well but if you noticed
    The episode I thought Sr was really gracious and he knows in his
    Heart of hearts that Jr is better at creations. You both need to merge
    And have Paul jr head of creations and let him do nothing but have a
    ( creation team) end of story and get clients from the reputation
    Of OCC you will both WIN for sure.

  • Angela

    Sr. RESPECT where it’s due but Jrs BIKE KICKS A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ret_MSgtUSMC

    Sr if you are reading this, just give it up. Jr out did you, end of story. Let Jr run OCC and you will again be making the kinds of money you once were. Continue to bad mouth your son and watch your business go down the drain. There are plenty of companies that would want one of your bike but remember most of those company have individuals who are fathers and mothers. They do not like how you are treating your sons. Since they now see who is really the better builder unless you change your ways OCC is done.

  • ballin

    you can’t compair a drawer with a designer ! get a clue sr.!

  • JAC

    I can only hope that things get better. But after the results of the bike off come out things will never be the same. Now Jr can move on and enjoy his life.

  • Sam

    If Jr was still at OCC their bike would have never left the shop, let alone go to a competition this presetigious and so publicised. The problem is that no one at OCC want to stand up to Sr. like Jr. did and that is the essence of being creative. If Sr. keep his yes men around all he is going to create will be the Cadillac bike that they did and failed so badly. I love Sr. but he should remeber that it was not Jason and the computer aided designs and the technology that made OCC and what it became, without Paul Jr, OCC can go back to the begining of being nothing. I hate to see that happening but that is the reality. I also like to give a lot of credit to the Sr. to try and reach in to Jr. I wish them both success.

  • kdw

    I have watch this shoe since the beginning. The bikes that stand out to me are the original Jet Bike, Fire Truck Bike, Black Widow, Paul Jr’s Dream Bike for OCC (all Paul Jr. visions). Since then the Anti Venom has carried the torch the new Cadillac bike is poise to assume that torch. OCC designs have not held up, which is a shame because Rick is a excellent fabricator. Their bikes now lack the details that are a trademark of Paul Jr. Thinks like using shell casings, Making the oil tank look like a bomb (Jet Bike) Ladders, Axe, piece of the World Trade Center (Fire Truck Bike). The home for wounded warriors bike showed Paul Jr. is still capable of that kind of thought. Since Paul Jr. left what bike truely stands out from OCC the Schick Bike was absolutely Fugly. The Trans Am Depot bike are cool but all 3 would have to be considered the same since there is very little difference.

  • PJD4ME

    I agree with the results and most of the comments as well. A clear landslide victory for Jr. And is it just me, or have all of OCC bike designs been lacking since Jason Pohl became their designer. When you get right down to it, it was Jr. Vs. Pohl. And that’s no contest… clearly.

  • Godzkid

    Thought Cadillac was an American car company…If OCC was building a bike to model the Caddie CTS-V why does it look like some futuristic chinesse rice burner, It’s unique allright… uniquely ugly and cheap looking, except 4 the motor…OCC did this charity event an injustice, who in their right mind would bid big bucks for that thing…Paul Sr. thats who…Sr. and his team of yes men fumbled the ball at the goal line in the biggest game of their career. Sell the business and cut your losses OCC is done, sionara Sr. PJD just sealed the deal, a company to be reckoned with and will join the elite builders of the industry, welcome to the big time, for a long time to come. PJD did the charity event proper justice that killer bike will fetch over $150K every day and twice on Sunday.

  • Krussell

    One more thing and it is worth its own entry. Jr. won not only the track race and the public opinion poll; he also won the better man award in my book. While Sr. ran his mouth for the last two years in some convoluted, misguided attempt to stroke his own ego and throw his sons under every bus in Orange County; Jr. was the calm and (mostly) quiet level-headed adult. While Sr. watch crashing a likeness of his son off a bike ramp as a joke, Jr. was serious about building a successful business, which by the way, is not in foreclosure. At every turn Sr. took the opportunity to trash his son as a lousy employee who did little for the company. Forget the fact that 90% of the bikes that made senior his millions were mostly designed and built by Jr. and Vinny. When Jr. did talk about his dad he was usually responding not provoking and he was clearly hold back. In the face of an opponent with all the cash connections and facilities, Jr., the underdog, played mostly fair while the old man continued to remind the rest of us what ugly, unprofessional and uncaring look like. That’s my two cents, although Sr. probably calms that my two cents is worthless and I should sell it to him for zero dollars.

  • Russell

    Old age and treachery overcome by youth and skill. You want proof?
    Let’s see here: didn’t Jr. already add a nitrous tank to a bike? Didn’t Jr. already do the “little-hidden-exhaust-under-the-rear-fender” trick? Didn’t Jr. already do the fake gas tank (twice)? That is 3 for 3 on old man ripping off ideas from his son who, at least according to him, can’t build a bike to save his life. Sr. talked and talked about all of the things that OCC could do in-house that PJD couldn’t. First off, didn’t OCC use to outsource everything in the early days? If Jr. had the $$ and facility, he would surely do most of the work in-house as well. Second, it seems to me that Sr.’s obsession with in-house technology led him away from the two golden rules: “it’s about the bike” and “keep it simple stupid”. On the other hand, Jr.’s bike (all of Jr.’s bikes come to think of it) has this amazing ability to look innovatingly unique while still looking classically, uniquely “Pauley Jr.”. Sr.’s Caddy bike looks like he desperately tried to pull out all of the “techno” tricks in a bid to beat his son. The result is an overly futuristic looking; not nearly close enough to the Cadillac brand, cafe racer wannabe. Didn’t OCC already make an I-robot themed bike? This bike looks like a polished mishmash pile of pieces put to together from a junk yard in the year 2075. To his credit, Sr. started with an absolutely beautiful frame with a sleek arching line that slopes downward to both sides of the rear tire. He then promptly ruined it by putting that ugly, bulky, black monstrosity of a box behind the seat. It completely overshadowed the line of the frame. And what is with the mesh tank sides? What about Cadillac are they supposed to represent? If it is the grill, they completely missed the mark.
    Also, who cares about OCC’s revolutionary four-piece rims? Pauley managed to basically design the same looking rims without the overly complicated process. The only difference here lays Pauley’s choice of using that huge front wheel. The size of the rim alone on that thing stands out so much that it makes Sr.’s tiny rimmed wheel look insignificant in comparison. And then there is the tricky lack of kickstand. It is just enough technology to blend with the classic stretched chopper that Jr. is known for while still wowing the customer. When that chopper sunk and stood upright on its own frame the father-son competition was over and everybody there and watching on TV knew it. You could here it in their reaction. Compare that innovative flash of brilliance to the old and often used nitrous technology employed by senior and you have all the proof you need to objectively say that in this case youth and skill easily overcame old age and treachery. Don’t agree with me? Check the Discovery channel online poll. Does Jr. have 95 or 96% of the vote? I lost track!! Old Age and treachery has been rightfully served!!

  • foxx

    Im a cadillac driver for real I have a 2001 cadillac devile I sold my cadillac 98 devile to put down on a CTS 2007 so I have 3 because I also have a 96 Fleetwood so I know what im talking about .
    When Jr. said he wanted to build a bike that cadillac would make he succeded I dont know what the big deal is because it was Paul JR. who desighned the bikes for O.C.C and his daddy anyway with Vinny .His dad got the big head and thought he could build a bike with out Paulie well he can but take out Paul Jr you take out the desighn so you just have a cool build PS. Mikey rules

  • B2bWild

    For the few pictures that I could find for both these bikes, I found that the PJD bike incorporated more of the Cadillac features and designs than the OCC bike. OCC’s bike is more old school while PJD is more organic yet new age. For that reason I think PJD follows more of the flavor of Cadillac style. There were more emblems and icons from the CTS on PJD’s bike than on the OCC bike. The OCC bike didn’t flow well for me. The front end wasn’t proportioned well with the rest of the bike. The fender looked like an after thought or a left over piece that was tacked on. The rear of the OCC bike felt more like a cut job. The side mesh of the OCC bike overwelmed the design of the bike on the side view. From the side view the OCC bike looked bunched up in the middle where the PJD bike was more balanced from front to back. The color balance of chrome to paint was also more balanced on the PJD bike than the OCC bike. The use of round bar for the handle bars of the OCC bike didn’t fit the angular feel of the CTS where the angled handle bar of the PJD bike made a better fit.

  • Unknown_S

    Agreed jobeisbol. Juniors bike was just so much nicer design wise. Seniors might have been a bit more technical with the nitros but Juniors bike was ridiculous with the airbag that lowers the bike.

  • lev

    I must say Paul SR/Jason did a good job with there bike and adding the nitros was cool but come on, i think what happened is that sr forgot what jr is capable of or because he never gives jr any credit he thought he could build anything and get away with it. Did’nt he see the anti-venom bike, that insurance bike and all teh other bike which came out of Paul jr designs. I was always in favour of Vinie and Pully working together, even when they were at OCC together. The best thing the ever happened to Paul JR is he being fired. Now he can show the world what he is made of. That Cadillac bike is a piece of work and OCC will never make anything close to that. You cannot begin to imagine how Paully thinks and that’s what makes his bikes so special. he don’t look at pictures, he don’t DRAW (computerized) like occ, that boy is extremely talented. I only hope Rick would join them at PJD, can you imagine what kind of bikes they would build it he does………..please Rick…. you won’t regrete it :)….. PJD team is way better than occ, i say team and i mean eveyone of them, JR cannot do it alone……

  • AFTony

    I too had to watch each part of the show and one thing kept coming to mind-It’s about the charity /auction that built these two bikes. I like Jr’s design over all the best, Sr’s bike is cool in it’s self . The mid -controls on Sr’s bike look uncomfortable and too me that is designed for short rides where as Jr’s you can take on a 500 mile cruise. While watching the show Sr kept refering to OCC’s technology. Technology can olny go so far while building a bike-each creation from Paul Jr takes on a life of it’s own and direction, the bike qtransforms from raw steel to a creation of beauty. So i’m I pro-Paul Jr. yeah, I guess you can say that. It’s nothing based off Jr Vs Sr either. Works of art are works of art.

  • paul

    Am from Jamaica,and to be honest i think that ur bike is the better looking one because of more creativity and unique, and i really like it in jamaica we say “IT SELL OFF”.I really had to watch the show twice especially the part with the hair bag i also ave a truck so i know it killing .And i hope you and ur father work out ur diffrence.The show doesnt miss me no time love it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  • lawdogg

    Its sad to see what money does to people. They were an average american family with talent. They all had problems in their lives but made changes then comes fame and money and everything starts to come apart. I would rather have the love of my family and grandkids than be rich and be alone. Dad was the driver and wanted Jr to show up to work on time as an example to the rest of the employees but Jr thought he was above that and came in when he wanted. I don’t know what the deal was between them but you could tell what kind of people they were with the charity they did and the time they spent helping others with their talents and fame. The only ones not affected by the fame were their animals who are loyal no matter what.

  • Lurch

    I agree completely with mad city there should’ve been a supercharger on the bike. Maria on the other hand you are wrong jr’s bike is amazing best bike by far I have seen them build. Sr’s bike looks like a crotch rocket absolutley horrible he would need a mirracle to come back in the poles. Jr’s bike took it hands down. I like the gas tank how they made it look like the hood. What did sr do to make the look like the Cadillac besides the rear tailight. Great job jr you did a fantastic job on the bike. Best of luck on PJD.

  • jobeisbol

    These last two shoes have been great. In Part 1 I was really impressed with Sr’s OCC bike as it was coming together, and I really didn’t think Jr. would be able to beat them. But as Jr’s bike started to come together I was blown away, and it looks like (by the stats) that most people agree. The OCC bike is nice, but the PJD bike has a WOW factor. When I look at the two pictures (from design alone) I just don’t think the two bikes even compare. Jr’s is on a higher level…With that being said, the OCC is NICE, but Jr is proving himself. This was a big victory by Jr.

  • Barry

    By far, Paul Jr is hands down the master builder! Paul Sr’s bike might have be supercharged but it looked more like crotch rocket than a choper. Paul Jr has never lost focus and I am proud of him and Mikey by focusing on their careers and staying the course. Paul Jr was the mastermind and visionary of OCC and Paul Sr lost his greatest asset and is too stuborn to see the forest for the trees. Amazing that Paul Jr moved into a moderate building and his dad built a huge glass building to impress but Jr kicked his old ornery butt to the curb! I bet those that stayed with Sr wished they had abandoned ship before it sank and went with Paul Jr Design!

  • randy

    jason was ok when he first started he new his place. Now he thinks he is the son sr. always wanted or thats what sr. said to him dont belive all you hear jason you will be next like his real son paul jr and mikey. stop bragging or have you learned everything from sr. just like paul jr.said there going to run it into the ground almost there. remember where you came from because thats where you are going

  • mad city

    lets start off by the true meaning off cadillac its a smooth ,comfortable and fast automobile.Sr what is wrong with u a rigid frame ??? didnt u get the memo you r building a bike for Cadillac.Im sorry but i didnt see Cadillac in that bike.And u were missing the back seat for your girl friend Jim ..Its obvious Jr took the prize but i would of like to see a supercharger on it ,It would of took that build to another level.Sr u need to watch the show u really need to see what a jackass you are.It would of ben nice to see u give your son a hug and congratulate your son for his accomplishing without your help.

  • DR016


  • randy

    it takes a team and what a team jr venny cody nubs and dont forget the fab man he is as good if not better than rick. rick needs a a job at paul jrs. this just goes to show you the sight jrs got over occ. jr sees it and then builds it occ has to build by a pic cause none of them see it.all sr. sees is old school.he needs to get real and see what a mistake he made by acting like mr. big shot everybody sees that. and also dont forget the most liked person on the show MIKEY. HES COOL.supper funny and him and paul jr love each other you can see that. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT joe you are the cool dude at paul jrs. and when you have someone like pauls jrs wife that stands behind you like she does paul jr what more can you ask. I love you show and hope paul sr. gets off his high horse and comes back down to earth. everybody is not rich. stop bragging and back up what you one likes a bragger not even his people that work for him cause thats what they are to him just people who WORK for him.there a great bunch of guys but there all job scared you can see it in the way the suck up to him.

  • maria

    I think Jr. cheated. He took parts OFF a Cadillac in order to build this bike as well as using Cadillac’s paint. That is not what I call building a bike. I liked the air bag he installed but it did NOT have the clean, fast , sophisticated look of a cadilliac, except the back fender and that he TOOK off a cadillac. Jr seems to be very creative but he did not trust his skills. Jr seemed to allow his emotions take over. Sr’s bike was beautiful and had the look I believe which IS cadillac and won this competition, HANDS over. Great job SR. I was so proud of your bike, it was fab!!! Hope the stats change in your favor, seems only just!!!!

  • dpro

    Not only Sr’s face, but his whole arrogant crew (except maybe Rick) too! It was priceless when Jr. went to ‘park’ his bike and drop it down, blew EVERYONE away! A true masterpiece of a build!

  • rickey

    Paul jr. Bike represents. Caddy. The best. What a. Piece. Of. Art.

  • god of wars

    thanks for putting up the videos !!!!!!!!!!!! paul sr’s face was priceless!!!

  • jumpoff joebrezzy

    totally agree paul jr outdid himself this time amazing bike!!