New Sumioni: Demon Arts Boss for the upcoming game Sumioni: Demon Arts, for PlayStation Vita. Also known as the “God of Misfortune”, the Ogre towers over the capital, and can use its sheer strength to unleash deadly flames from beneath the earth. While not the most swift of enemies, the utter size and strength of the Ogre will test the skill of all but the quickest of players.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Legendary Triple Pack: The Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Legendary Triple Pack is exclusive to Toys “R” Us and features Legendary Bash, Legendary Chop Chop and Legendary Spyro. All three Legendary characters have stat boosts not available to their standard counterparts.

Celebrate President’s Day this Election Year with Dungeon Defenders’ free President’s Day Battle Royale DLC. Put your hand on your heart and get ready to slay goblins with new character skins for Barack and Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney and George Washington. Fight in your very own Presidential Battle Arena to win unique weapons and pets including the Democrat Donkey, Republican Elephant, Boxing Gloves, and more.