Ace Hood – ‘Have Mercy’ Music Video

Ace Hood – ‘Have Mercy’ Music VideoWatch This new video from Ace Hood, the track is titled ‘Have Mercy’. View some of the lyrics from Ace Hood to the song ‘Have Mercy’ below: [Verse 1] So I guess we finally meet again Should I kill ‘em? Well, that all depends Due to success I started losing friends Nigga sleepin’, only reason he don’t follow trends Never was a gimmick, the realest in it, come bear witness And I see them

rappers is actors, boy, they so Robin Givens I kept it humble, my stomach grumble, my Rollie tickin’ They did me dirty, I may forgive ‘em, but won’t forget it And not to mention, they wasn’t worthy of what I’m spittin’ It’s God’s will, and them haters just pray they could prevent it I’m so addicted to gettin’ it, I need intervention The hottest spittin’, your favorite rapper scared to admit it Have mercy, let me bow my head I count a million up, that’s daily bread

Ain’t no more humble in me, shit is dead Tell them pussy niggas I ain’t never scared Poor niggas hate to see a nigga win Say you comin’ for me? Pussy nigga, when? I been coldhearted since I lost a twin I swear I love it when they hate, I made a hit again I did this before my niggas, then Use your bitch whenever like a membership Never bothered over Twitter beef We’ll probably never meet up where the money be Me and Kiko on the wood, yeah, the money seats Five grand just to see him hit a three Balenciagas on a nigga feet Death to the competition, may they rest in peace

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