Crooked I ‘Against All Odds’ (Music Video)

Crooked I ‘Against All Odds’ (Music Video)View this new music video from Crooked I, the track is titled ‘Against All Odds’. View some of the lyrics from Crooked I to the song ‘Against All Odds’ below: [Verse 1] How did we end up here, got the Blueprint from Biggie and Nas Ghetto niggas going platinum like the 50’s and Jas It’s against all odds Should it be against yall broads New niggas out

here dressing like Nicki Minaj Selling their soul to make it wealthy Wearing women shirts and denim skirts on Instagram taking selfies I celebrate the minute you die And I’ll be here after the firework, 5th of July Here lies a fictional writer considered a liar Always rapping

about trapping and what actors did on The Wire Then they ask me why I’m rapping like a killer for hire Some niggas locked my homie in a truck and lit it on fire You can I hear my life’s pain in the way I spit Think I give a fuck if a DJ play my shit? Or like my shit, put it in a club, hype my shit I write my shit Real niggas recite my shit

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