Gucci Mane – Darker Feat. Chief Keef Audio

Gucci Mane – Darker Feat. Chief Keef AudioListen To this new Track from Gucci Mane Featuring Chief Keef, the track is titled ‘Darker’. View some of the lyrics from Gucci Mane to the song ‘Darker’ below: [Verse: Gucci Mane] Dark tint on my soowoo red charger The niggas round me drink lean not water I could never hold a job down like my father But I could hold a block and push the

rock, Shawn Carter Bitches on my dick cause my skin real darker Got a yellow bitch and The Devil Wears Prada Got the narcs on me say my car tail got bothered Big fish in little pond, get swallowed Dark weed,

super dark weed, Cali OG Dark lean, super dark lean, straight codeine Dark meat pretty brown bitch that adore me Dark tint on my dark bent on a dark street.

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