Gucci Mane – Guwop Feat. Trinidad Jame$ Music Video

Gucci Mane – Guwop Feat. Trinidad Jame$ Music VideoView this new music video from Gucci Mane Featuring Trinidad Jame$, the track is titled ‘Guwop’. View some of the lyrics from Gucci Mane to the song ‘Guwop’ below: [Verse: Gucci Mane] My main bitch, her anklet ‘Bout the same size of a ankle monitor If a diva late one time I’mma put her ass on probation I’mma give her two scratches She’s a fuckin’ good woman, I’mma give her a life I’mma walk by shinin’ with a bitch Aye, say I had enough in my life I got 80

chains, I got 100 rings And a nigga can’t take my ice Caught a murder charge, but I beat the shit ‘Cause a nigga tried to take my life I’m a millionaire, but I’m a country boy And my right hand man got a Tonka toy I sell, charge, I’m servin’ boy Major saver, I’m the golden boy And I serve the pass like Lawyer Milloy Poppin’ and

poppin’ and poppin’ the shit Talkin’ that shit, now you shot in the head Brick Squad niggas don’t shoot in the leg Shouts to our fallen, I ball till I fall, and The neighbors don’t talk ‘cause the neighbors are scared A white girl, a black girl, a hell of a mix Rollin’ up kush while they suckin’ my dick On my chain is a tag team All my niggas gettin’ money

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