Jadakiss – ‘Big Boy Dialogue’ (Feat. The-Dream) Audio

Jadakiss – ‘Big Boy Dialogue’ (Feat. The-Dream) AudioListen To this new Track from Jadakiss Featuring The-Dream, the track is titled ‘Big Boy Dialogue’. View some of the lyrics from Jadakiss to the song ‘Big Boy Dialogue’ below: [Verse 1: Jadakiss] Yo, boss talk, nigga — start the car, let the Porsche talk Crib big as AC, yard like the boardwalk Models in the master bedroom, get your cough on Haze

lit, kush lit, I move and I push ish I could send niggas to war like George Bush did LV gators on, 20 G footprints Top 5, I could give a nod and the shot fly I was in the drop top when I dropped by You know

it was a 2014 The work is white, but the money is all green Big boy dialog All the real niggas with integrity and respect And salute, I admire y’all

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