Listen: Krayzie Bone – ‘Pick Em Out’

Krayzie Bone Pick Em OutListen To this new Track from Krayzie Bone, the track is titled ‘Pick Em Out’. Krayzie Bone has a new EP titled “The Quickfix: Level 1”. View some of the lyrics from Krayzie Bone to the song ‘Pick Em Out’ below: Listen, nigga, I’m here with a mission Learn your enemy every intention Don’t ever let them get your mix Maintain your shine and

mind your business More lines all around a circle We never get over the buster Unless we coming to Russia Busta, busta, never bluff you One of the meaner the games, Get ready so we can come clean up the mess We are demands, them niggas are not in demand They think I’m an assassin, hate to put a nigga in a casket Craze, leaving everybody

baffled They say I know you ain’t say that That nigga going bad Haters, we eliminate them, never fail us We originators like Jordan in this town I’mma keep scoring every time, I’m like the scorn in this town I’mma get way bored and just freestyle I’m a touchdown, grab on my nuts, say what the fuck now.

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