Machine Gun Kelly – ‘La La La (The Floating Song)’ Music Video

View this new music video from Machine Gun Kelly, the track is titled ‘La La La’. The track is off Machine Gun Kelly’s debut album Lace Up. View some of the lyrics from Machine Gun Kelly to the song ‘La La La’ below:

[Verse:] I wake up to no rules, no bed, We crashin on the couch, Leftover food, No bread, I guess we eatin out, A couple hoops, fuck yeah, you know we ballin out, And after that? smoke sesh, we never on a droubt, We got them swishers, king size zig zags and all utensils, OG kush big bags, edibles in the kitchen, Plus the air match the smoke around my tattoo’d initials,

So fire up the muthafuckin bong like its a missile, Where the bitches? somebody call the cell, Tell em bring the liquor some mixers and high heels, I’m half naked and all these ladies is as well And you would be if u burn like we burnin I’m hot as hell Shell’s stuffed with the finest product these dealers sell, I swear we done ran thru more papers this summer then the mail, Fuck it, two tears in a bucket, let’s get by, Live for the moment let’s get high, And we floatin like.

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