Mario – ‘Somebody Else’ Feat. Nicki Minaj Music Video

Mario – ‘Somebody Else’ Feat. Nicki Minaj Music VideoView this new music video from Mario Featuring Nicki Minaj, the track is titled ‘Somebody Else’. View some of the lyrics from Nicki Minaj to the song ‘Somebody Else’ below: [Verse 1: Mario] I never saw the day coming That you would ever wanna leave me Baby, you told me no matter what Your heart would always be for me Always be for me [Verse: Nicki

Minaj] How would you have learned if I ain’t leave? I guess I was way too naive I should’ve been checked you But I let you get mad disrespectful, huh Couldn’t be serious nigga was you? Looking at my new man, wish it was you? But you’re dead now Sign of the cross on ya

chest and ya head now Guilty is what you pled now Left Queens, hit Brooklyn I’m on a belt now Stupid is what you felt now When you see me on TV have a meltdown

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