Rick Ross – Pirates (Music Video)

View this new music video from Rick Ross, the track is titled ‘Pirates’. View some of the lyrics from Rick Ross to the song ‘Pirates’ below:

[Verse 1] Hallucination of money, while nigga’s stomach just rumble Had to fuck with the Haitians and break a kilo to crumbles Nigga living in rubble, within him labelled the rebel Any nigga wan’ rumble, somebody hand me a shovel Gotta silence the lambs, get on my Buffalo Bill Stepping off the Sonoma with the black duffle bag filled

Got a cute bitch with me; favor Kimora, for real Got Meek Mill on the celly, that nigga worth a few mil I multiply what I manage, I manage to multiply Witness real niggas fail, and watch you fuck niggas strive Witness bitch niggas pale, Jabar just got twenty-five At this point in my life, I’m just trying to survive Homicide stay on my mind, Christopher Wallace of my time R.I.P. to the legend, 2Pac Shakur with a nine Makaveli returns — it’s God forgives, and I don’t Resurrection of the real, time to get the richer than Trump

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