Russell Crowe Set To Take Over ‘The Dark Tower’ Lead

The Dark TowerAccording to Deadline, Warner Bros is set to make a final decision whether they will be committing to the grand endeavor, but with Crowe now starring. No word what prompted the exit of Bardem and no formal offer has been made to Crowe, but the studio is making their determination based on his planned involvement.

Crowe has seen his star power fade a bit over the past few years, but is set to star in two big upcoming movies – as Jor-El in the Superman reboot Man of Steel and as Noah in director Darren Aronofsky’s big budget telling of the biblical flood.

Last year, director Ron Howard was set to take on King’s ambitious story that blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and westerns in what would become three movies and two limited run television series.

  • Jeff C Heizmann

    what do you think about Hugh Laurie as Roland?

  • Archie R. Whitehill

    Let Netflix do the entire project.

  • Reddbeard

    Susannah.= Angela Bassett, duh

  • Purple Gecko

    willing to do that? (is what I was trying to say).

  • Purple Gecko

    Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman would be a better match to Roland. I do feel that Russel could do a beautiful job with the character. It will be important to have the same actors do the TV series and the movies. Are these actors willing to do the?

  • Gameinatrix

    Hugh Jackman..he looks JUST like Clint Eastwood when Clint was young. I see Jared Padaleki(Super Natural) or even Jensen Ackles could pull off Eddie with Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show) being Susannah. (Would go with Angela Bassett but she’s a little past age now). No Jake in mind although of course Haley Joel would have been perfect years ago.

  • Brecken Kapaa

    How about a scruffy Dermot Mulroney

  • Scott

    Clint is too old – but Daniel Craig has the cold, steely blue eyes and the aloofness for the character. (Get rid of English accent) Viggio would be OK, too. Susannah is going to be tough – maybe Halle Berry? And for Eddie… maybe Wahlberg or someone? Done right, this could be an epic… a real classic, and the casting is key!

  • Michael

    Clint Eastwood is Roland.

  • Brndnhlbrk

    I’m glad I saw someone mention Hugh Laurie. I’ve been pushing for him for a little while. I’m also liking Andrew Lincoln, Paul Bettany, and Anson Mount.

  • Magnus

    Why not Josh Brolin? Or is he to young looking?

  • Kurtis

    I am so torn as to who could play this epic role. And epic it will be. You need not only an amazing Roland, but you also need really good talent for the others, however, you can’t have any one actor out shine the others, or an actor that is so terrible it brings the rest of them down. You need a cast of people like Star Wars. Did you ever notice how they worked together so well they actually helped to make each other’s character? You need a cast just like that for this movie because so much of what one person does in this novel helps to shape and form the rest of the group. Especially Roland who was all gun-ho at the beginning of the series in taking down the Crimson King, but along the way he opened his heart again with these people. I’ve thought about this long and hard and it is very difficult to peg down one single actor nowadays who has all the elements of Roland of Gilead. Everyone here is too eager to point out this man or that man but I don’t think they have put serious stock into this. Timothy Olyphant? Younger, good psycho but could he play an emotionally destroyed, mentally burdoned man? Russell Crowe? Sure he plays a good angry character, but where’s the gentle loving side? Even in ‘Gladiator’, the emotions he shows for his lost family felt forced and phony. Viggo Mortensen? Dark, mysterious, brooding, deffinitely looks the part of a weather beaten traveller. And ‘A History of Violence’ showed he could explode with passion and rage. I think he would be the best fit if he could just inject more emotion into the role. There was some in ‘The Road’, but it was mixed with the crumbling mentality of a starved, sickly man. Was it enough to convey the eventual love Roland has for Jake? I’ve also heard Christian Bale’s name being thrown around. No. Just no. Putting aside the fact I loathe this man, I simply don’t think he has the potential. Edward Norton? Not as Roland. A big maybe on the part of Eddie. Javier Bardem. I thought at first ‘Nope’. But on advice from a friend, I watched a couple other movies where Javier did not play a psycho killer and I can see that he could potentially fit as Roland. I think he would have to really put forth an effort to reach the complexity of Roland but this post is about who is going to replace Javier, so yeah. When I first read the series I thought of Viggo. And Clint. And Terence Hill. The more I analyze it, the more I lean toward Viggo. Of course, as I said, too many people and websites are stressing that Roland is such a big role to portray, that they are forgetting that the rest of the cast needs to complement each other as they do in the books. No one character out shines another – with the obvious fact that yes, this whole series is about the Gunslinger – they help to mold and grow each other. Another friend has offered up Ryan Reynolds as Eddie. This was mainly based off of Ryan’s awesome ability to deliver funny lines, but seeing him as Deadpool and in Blade Trinity I think it really rings true, not to mention the more serious role(s) he played in ‘The Nines’, I feel he would be a great Eddie. Susannah is going to be just as hard to cast as Roland. The complexity of her character, especially the polar opposites that control her body in the books. Should the directors rely heavily on one actress to portray her like Andy Serkis and Gollum/Smeagol? Or dare I suggest that it may be a good idea to have two actresses? But who would do well? I think they should probably only find one actress for Susannah, but she is going to have to do a hell of a lot of work to make us love and hate her. Jake is another problem. You don’t want a kid that is too bratty. Or too cute. My thought here is that kids who play cute kid roles usually don’t have the chops to play the serious-loner-esque role of Jake who is an all important key for Roland. I’m so sorry this went on much longer than I wanted, but hopefully you understand I am very passionate about this subject. One more thing: to ‘Brad’: Why the hell would Stephen King NOT play Stephen King in the movie? How many King movies have you seen where he ends up playing bit roles and you think now that he actually wrote himself into a book he’s not going to play that role? Who the hell else is going to be better in his shoes than himself? C’mon! He’s gotta play himself.

    Thankee-sai very much.

  • Tristan

    I am going to go with Thomas Jane.

  • Iconoclast

    This is my favorite series of all time and despite the fact that I fear them not doing justice to it if made into a movie, I still want them to TRY. It would definitely need to be done on the scale of Lord of the Rings and nothing less. I too wish tha Clint Eastwood could play the part of Roland, but he has gotten a bit too old for the part now. That said, I would like to see Viggo Mortensen playing Roland. He has the right weathered look and aura of a man of the wild blowing in the wind. With all of the remakes and not original things making it to movies, it’s time for something GREAT to be made and this series is IT! Just do it right, PLEASE! Thankee-sai!

  • Richard Fausnaught JR

    Cant wait till they come out . Great books I think they should use Clint Eastwood as Roland. Timothy oliphant would be great to . Who ever they use films will be great.

  • brandon

    when i was reading these books ive always pictured Kurt russel like a tombstone kinda thing and i also imaged edward norton as the boy….

  • chad

    forgive me…I made one name of two. I am ashamed.. Cormack McCarthy

  • chad

    forgive me, I’d rather this story be exclusive to those that read. it’d be hard to see anyone fill the roles of the main characters. also note that the tower series had characters from other King stories. to interweave those in, and not include THOSE ORIGINAL actors would be weird. For this movie to come close to justice, it better be on the scale of prop and wardrobe realism as say lord of the rings. and don’t CGI the crap out of it. its a dehydrating desolate journey movie. think McCormack’s The Road.

    that being said. Daniel Day Lewis or I’m tempted to see a Hugh Laurie dress audition.

  • Nick Nunnelee

    Honestly,Russell Crowe can be just as cruel as Roland. He proved it in 3:10 To Yuma. Plus make-up will make him ugly. But remember several times through out the books they say he looks like Clint Eastwood. And no, I highly disagree with the movies being animated. It’s too bloody of a tale to be animated. We need something like this as movie that’s not in 3-D or has much CGI. It’s a Stephen King novel,no THE only series that he’s been writing his whole life! So let’s keep it real and hopefully get the “R” rating because this book deserves nothing less.

  • tiphanie

    I think Viggo Mortenson would be the best. Howver, Overall, I think this story should be told in animation. Roland can stand alone as a character and doesn’t need to be linked to an actor.

  • Lemarchand

    Russel Crowe = absolutely not. No way.
    Clint Eastwood would have been great.

  • Alejandra Arana

    Sorry for the first mistake, what i was trying to say is that no actor can honor roland, that’s all.

  • Alejandra Arana

    I’m not sure if i really want to see this movie..
    I suppose everybody have their own versions of Roland but in my personal opinion any actor, no matter how good he is at his job, would not honor Roland Deschain…Hey, he is THE GUNSLINGER! He isn’t just a character, he is a symbol, and i’m afraid that if the movie isn’t good, Roland maybe will lose presence.
    Long days and pleasant nights.
    *Sorry if my english is terrible, i’m from Peru.

  • Alejandra Arana

    I’m not sure if i really want to see this movie..
    I suppose everybody have their own versions of Roland but in my personal opinion any actor, no matter how good he is at his job, would honor Roland Deschain…Hey, he is THE GUNSLINGER! He isn’t just a character, he is a symbol, and i’m afraid that if the movie isn’t good, Roland maybe will lose presence.
    Long days and pleasant nights.
    *Sorry if my english is terrible, i’m from Peru.

  • Tammy

    I believe you should contact Eric Carty , a huge fan, and has the look for this part.Let me know if you decide you want him . I can locate him in a second. :) thanks

  • Al

    Think about what Roland is supposed to look like…old long, tall, and ugly. Tall, lanky, piercing blue eyes, wheathered looking, etc. As many others have said, Hugh Lawrie has the perfect look and I think could portray the character very well.

  • Brad

    As long as Stephen king isn’t in the movie like the book I’m

  • Brad

    There are other worlds than these

  • Jessy

    I’ve read and reread the Dark Tower so many times that I had to get new copies. That being said I always seem to picture Clint Eastwood as Rolland. I’m sure he isn’t most peoples pic simply because he maybe slightly too old for the part now, but he is still one of the baddest cowboy/gunslingers I can think of.

  • Julie

    Am I the only one who is sceptical about Ron Howard directing this ?

  • Michael

    He may be good for the role, but I also think that the makers of the film should be very considerate of the described physical appearance of Roland Deschain, as well as his mentality and capabilities as described in the books. Plus, if it will be a three movie series, then perhaps one should be about “Wizard and Glass”, basically seeing Roland as a teenager. And, if that does happen, then they’ll need to find a younger looking version of Russell Crowe (or anybody else they choose to fill the slot) to give the movies a bit more accuracy. Toppling Lord of the Rings will be a task, and if the makers of the film want to do that, then they’ll need any lead they can get. But, I hope like hell that they DO make the movies. I’ve waited a long time to see these books become movies, as I’m sure thousands like me have as well.

  • j0persha

    I’ve been picturing Viggo Mortesen in the role ever since he did that movie “Hidalgo”

  • mike

    Daniel Craig, His icy eyes are perfect. or for a non big name but recognizable American for the role…. Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) Mark Walberg would be great as well.

  • Robin Ungermann

    Noooooooo…. Michael Biehn is made for that role…. re-watch Tombstone, and you will se that i am right

  • LU

    I think Crowe is an excellent choice & having read the books, I also think this is a series that could topple Lord Of The Rings. Now would an excellent time to promote the book , so those not familiar with the story can get a great before this movie comes out. Bring it on. ! I for one cant wait to see the Gunslinger/ Dark Tower series come to life !

  • Dan

    I just can’t wait for this to happen. Guy Edward Pearce, Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving all could be Roland almost as well as Javier Bardem. CANT WAIT for this story to be told on both the big and small screens!!!!

  • Megan

    Yes, Timothy Oliphant is the ideal actor to be Roland! Timothy is IT! He is so good in any role ie:The Hitman, Scream, and The Perfect Getaway! Of course first pick would have been Clint Eastwood! But now, Russell Crowe…think of his acting in the Gladiator, that was good. The Quick and the Dead shows that Russell will do okay slinging some guns. With Russell Crowe in the headlines maybe that will draw more people who do not know of the Dark Tower series to watch the movies.

  • Matt

    I agree that Timothy Oliphant should be Roland. Everything he does I am drawn too whether it be as bad as a movie as “Live Free or Die Hard” or what I consider the only redeemable part of the “Girl Next Door”…he makes you want to continue to watch the movie. His performance in “Go” was amazing as well. It’s time for him to take a lead role in hopefully what will be a blockbuster!

  • krhoades75

    Daniel Craig is Roland.

  • Judy Companik

    Where have I been. Must have been under a rock! I had no idea there was talk of making a movie out of The Tower series. PLEASE, PLEASE do not allow the writers to change the story line for the movie. I have no suggestions for leading men I just know I want it to be as written. This is Stephen Kings’ masterpiece.
    In the above video it was stated that there were 8 books. I only had seven. Which is right?

  • Troy

    Im sorry, I have seen a lot of great actors name thrown out for the part of Roland. But the ultimate Roland is Timothy Oliphant. He has the tall slender build. The cowboy rough look. He is not too popular to over power the story. But popular enough to draw in fans who have never read the books. For those who do not know Oliphant is the main Marshall in Justified, and the lead cop in the Crazies. Thanks

  • Zoltar62

    TV or movies will never be able to capture the whole story of The Dark Tower. Look at Cujo, Needful Things, Lawnmower man. Any movie will just fail

  • Jojo

    An unknown or Mr.King himself as Roland. Aaron Paul for Eddie. If you require better known actors, choose them for lesser parts. When they speak of Susannah they always mention her coco-brown skin, so you cant pick someone too light. Jacob Kogan for Jake, because he can look both mature and young. I know its a long shot, but I also think Alan Cumming would make a great Marten.

  • Glenna

    I agree with Lucas Bryant from Haven. Crowe could probably pull it off but not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick.

  • RolandHazoto

    I gotta say Russel Crowe isn’t a terrible pick.
    He has the sun-bleached eyes and with the right makeup he would fit it well, though I for the life of me can’t recall Roland’s height anymore. Though in contrast perhaps it would be better for an “unknown” to take the role as they would have any previous typecasts to base off of. I dunno, mixed boat on both sides.
    I will say I have often dreamed of seeing this series on the big screen ever since I finished book 7 seven years ago. It really does have to be done right though. There isn’t much that could be left out gracefully. Usually when I’ve daydreamed about such, I end up shrugging it off as it will never happen cause it’s just too much, but I like the idea of a miniseries between the movies. That could take the time to fill in what would be necessary.
    It seems like it will be tough, but no matter who they finally decide on I hope they do it right.

  • Anna

    Russell Crowe has bombed in every movie he has been in of late.
    Ultimately, I’m hoping Stephen King makes the selection. The Russell Crowe of 20 years ago is hardly the Russell Crowe of today (nb: Irish accent for Robin Hood)

  • Doc

    At his build and height (5’11”) Russell’s too short and heavy to be “long, tall and ugly”. Having said that, my partner says that he’s built for comfort, not for speed :)

    @Van – I agree with the idea of using unknowns, though I think Aaron Paul would make a great “Prisoner”.

  • Jake Graig

    I would just like to know why my comment was deleted by these “moderators”????????

  • Cece

    What about Alexander Skarsgard as Roland? He is tall, lanky with piercing blue eyes and could play a gunslinging role-proven by the few military movies he’s done.
    Aarron Paul (Jessie from Breaking Bad) would make an excellent Eddie. I would love for the movies/series to be made, but only if Hollywood doesn’t screw it up.

  • Nick

    I just want to cry. Why do they always have to ruin perfectly brilliant books by doing this?

  • Conor

    I do not think that they will ever be able to pull this off… I’m sorry, but it’s not plausible. The Dark Tower series is rich to a point where duplication is simply impossible. They might give it one heck of a shot, but no matter who they put in that cast, they will never live up to King’s mind…

  • forest price

    I think benicio del toro would be a better pick.

  • Lynn

    No! My vote is for Haven’s Lucas Bryant

  • Derek

    All I have to say is that it better be done right Im so tired of seeing Kings works get castrated when they are made into movies. I remeber I was half way through IT for the seond when I watched that that horrible mutilation of a movie. So many hugely important things were left out. They didnt even get Bevs hair right and how could leave out the turtle I mean really I dont think Crowe is right for the part but maybe he is a fan and has always wanted be Roland and could pull it off. The Dark Tower is not just an epic story it is a whole world all its own a collection of worlds really and needs to be handled as such. Even though I was a bit disappointed at the seemingly hurried last three books it is still an absolutely amazing tale. I would really like to see it done just like the books as 7 movies but have them filmed all at once and released back to back not months or years apart like some other movies

  • susan

    NNNNOOOOOO not him, never!!!! leave it alone! an unknown or no one! not crowe, never.

  • Maz

    I don’t see Russell Crowe in the role either, as some mentioned think Viggo Mortenson or Hugh Jackman would be better. Or perhaps even Keifer Sutherland if they dyed his hair dark? Got the piercing eyes right, & thinking back to The Lost Boys, can pull of the brooding manner. But yeah, I really only see Roland as Clint Eastwood when I read the books, but can’t think of any one else with that kind of look…

  • Zac

    DOOOO EEET, i think Viggo or Daniel Day Lewis for Roland and myself for Eddie : )

  • Dan

    I think Anson Mount would be perfect after starring as Cullen Bohannon in Hell On Wheels for AMC.

  • Darian

    I would like to see Stephen King play the role himself; after all the books do describe Roland as looking like an older Stephen, and who would be able to portray the behavior and moods than the tool of the Elephant himself?

  • Ross

    Viggo for Roland, Justin Long for Eddie.

  • Stacy

    When I heard about a dark tower movie possibly being made I was so excited,but if this movie IS made,and Russel Crowe IS Roland,Im not going to be so excited at all.Roland should be someone that is not in dozens of other movies and I think any other dark tower fan would agree-NO,PLEASE NO…..Russel Crowe!! (no offence to him) He is just not Roland material.

  • Tony

    Daniel-Day Lewis would make a great Roland Deschain.I’m not so sure about Russel Crowe.

  • Dylan

    Someone closer to the top mentioned Gordon-Levitt as Roland…I couldn’t see it….now, for Eddie, I think he would be great. He can pull off the worn out-strung out look (A La 50/50) and he is in great shape (upcoming Premium Rush). He can do action (Batman, Inception) as well as psychological roles (Same movies).

  • Joe

    I have been praying that someone good would take up this project for years,and that it would be made into a series of huge budget movies on the level of Star wars,or Lord of the rings,and not another god-awful mediocre budget made for television mini-series like “The Stand”,which after the dark tower series is my next favorite work from Stephen King,and too could have been a huge and powerful series of blockbuster movies as it is an awesome story,yet it was poorly budgeted,poorly cast and fell far short of what it could have been had it been given the treatment it merited. I shudder to think what Fox is going to do to this series and Russel Crowe to Play Roland?! You have GOT to be kidding!… Please for The Sake of all this series many fans,Please don’t ruin this project,if you’re not going to do it right,then leave it for another company who will,and one final thing I’d like to add. Be True To The Characters,from the lead role to the least supporting role,every character is someone’s favorite,and none of us fans want to see our favorite characters portrayed poorly or by the wrong Actor/actress in what will likely be their only screen appearance in our lifetime.

  • Les

    The character, as king puts it, is based on the man with no name in the Sergio Leone films ie Clint Eastwood, so an unknown of that type would fit well

  • Addison

    Given the right amount of facial dirt and emaciation, I might enjoy seeing Crowe pull it off. I can’t help but wonder however how a less-likely face like Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be able to adapt to pull off the part. THAT is something I’d see several times.

  • Sharon

    Ed Harris would be a good choice, what accent does Roland have though? Do people imagine American or English accent for Roland? Or something else? Hugh Jackman would also be great and sure Crowe would also do a great job, hope they make the right choice!
    Maybe for Eddie they could look at some new blood, doesn’t have to be someone who has already made it……

  • flatcap

    Maybe keven costner for roland . He can be calm and ruthless.hopefully they wont have cristian bail to ruin it. Jada pickett would be a good choice for suzsanna a she can be sweet and wicked

  • steve

    Given the fact that Roland is modeled after Clint Eastwood has anyone considered Hugh Jackman? I always thought he kinda resembles a young Eastwood (Physically anyway) and I think he could pull it off, hes a good actor.

  • Jose

    Has anyone here seen Russell Crowe in the reboot of 3:10 to Yuma? He might actually be q good pick for this role. Not that there aren’t others that could do better, but you have to look at his recognition. The studios need to bring in not just brand faithfuls like ourselves but folks who don’t know a thing about the Dark Tower to be successful. I just hope that it doesn’t get butchered once producers and other non creative types get their hands on this property.

  • Travis

    Yea i hope they pick someone good too! I think an uknown would be OK for Eddie as long as they have at least 1 well known actor to play Roland. Im afraid that Russell Crow is just going to Over-Act and not be able to replicate Rolands cool and calm persona. I feel like Viggo is quietly more likeable too.

  • tinwe

    @ Travis you got me there, I have no Idea..the whole idea with unknown actors might be good..too many big stars would keep stealing the show from each other..I don’t know :-) I just hope they pick someone awsome :)

  • Flo

    Any thoughts about Ed Harris ? Tall, lean, piercing blue bombardier eyes… Please, please, do not srcew up Kings Masterpiece !

  • Dave W.

    I still say Tom Berenger.He has the face for it.

  • Patti

    A good, quality actor will make you see past who they are and just see the character, like Tom Hanks in just about all his roles.
    I agree with Taylor, they need to really stick to the whole story in each book. It would be a real drag to loose any part of the storyline! I think a series is actually much better that a movie cause you can have 13 hours (1 hour episodes) to tell the story rather than 2-3.
    The difficulty of that is having a child in the story who does not really age much throughout.

  • Travis

    Tom Hardy is like 35 but he looks like he could play a early to mid 20’s character. If not him then who?

  • Fathersface

    What about andrew lincoln from walking dead i think he’d be a better fit

  • tinwe

    do you guys realize that Eddie is supposed to be in his early twenties?! Tom Hardy, Jude Law?? They’re too old for this sh*t! :-D

  • kym

    i agree, unknown actors all the way… and I too always pictured Clint as Roland, bit I think he’s too old for the part. i think Kevin Corrigan would make a great Eddie.

  • Travis

    Damit give us Viggo Mortensen as Roland! And Tom Hardy as Eddie and John Hillcoat (The Road, Lawless, The Proposition) to direct!!!

  • Todd F

    I like Michael Fassbender for Roland. Just toughen him up a bit. I always kind of picture Callum Blue as Eddie. He was pretty good in Smallville and Dead Like Me. Maybe Viola Davis as Susannah.

  • Maria

    Russell Crowe is a fine actor and I like him and his movies.
    But he looks too much of a nice kind-hearted guy to play Roland.
    He has a round face but Roland is thin and lean.
    The only thing in his appearance like Roland’s are his blue eyes but they are not cold and piercing.
    I think they’d better find someone else. But anyway, Crowe is way better than Bardem to become Roland. Bardem could be a good Man in black.

  • Michi

    Ahhh sweet. HBO would be perfectly awesome, so far they’ve been keeping pretty close to the stories they’ve done. Game of Thrones is amazing. And Javier wasn’t a very good choice in my opinion, I could definitely see Crowe (or Viggo) playing Roland.. and for everyone saying Clint Eastwood is the perfect actor for the role, yeah he is, hell, King designed Roland after him and himself, but he’s also 80 and it’s a HUGE freakin’ project with a lot of money going into it. What would happen if something happened to him?

  • http://Facebook Scotty

    Good choice I think!! He can do rugged selfishness ( LA Confidential)

  • mike Randle

    I.believe Jason Statham from the Transporter films would be Ideal as Roland. For the role of the boy I’m inclined toward the kid from Fish Tale.

  • Taylor

    Crowe would need to drop some weight to play Roland. I agree with others saying they could look harder for someone. I’d almost prefer some great actor who’s name and face was not easily recognizable. It would take the “celebrity” out of Roland, which is something to consider.
    Also, is anyone at all worried about their timeframe? They want to make three movies and two shows. This will destroy the spirit of the seven books. There is certainly no excuse for cutting corners in order to get five installments. Hell, if Harry Potter can do it, so can they

  • http://h Teresa

    Uh…Russell Crowe is NOT Roland. No, no, no!

  • Van

    When I read the books I pictured Clint Eastwood as Roland. I don’t see Russel Crowe in the lead. I think they should use an “unknown” in all the lead roles. It is sometimes hard to see past an actors past roles to really appreciate the character they are currently portraying.

  • Marco

    Roland- Thomas Jane
    Eddie- Jared Leto
    Susannah- Zoe Kravitz

    Ever since reading The Dark Tower, I’ve always envisioned the two leading men played by Thomas Jane and Jared Leto but never had an actress in mind to play Susannah until I saw Zoe Kravitz in the X-Men: First Class film. I think she has the appeal to play crazy/beautiful. As for Thomas, he’s been in so many other King adaptations and is such a sci-fi fanatic, why not give him the best sci-fi role ever?? Kings description of Roland in book 1 is spot on Thomas Jane. And I believe Jared won’t have a problem playing a drug addicted pretty boy such as Eddie. Just my thoughts.

  • Steve

    @anthony hamlet , I completely agree with you that Clint Eastwood should be the Rolland from the present. He is described as having joint and hip pains several times so Russel Crow is too young. He would be a good choice for younger Rolland though.

  • bendingB

    I agree with “J BielerJlbieler”, Viggo Mortensen as Roland = perfect!

  • J BielerJlbieler

    Here is y dream cast..
    Viggo Mortensen (Roland)
    Jude Law (Eddie)
    Angela Bassett (Susannah)

  • DesignerGuy

    Roland looks like Stephen King, so he should play the part.

  • anthony hamlet

    i totally agree with clint eastwood. i dont know about russel crow, i know in a large portion of the series roland is an old man witch would be perfect for clint, the problem is the time frame jumps around alot in the story so there would probably have to be more than one actor playing roland. either that or a ton of makeup that might make it look cheep. i would love to see this movie made, its about time a real story is made into a movie instead of just the same regergitated crap they keep shoveling at us from hollywood.

  • Mike

    Gary Oldman.

  • greg

    The only people that could play Roland are vigo mortinson, sam elliot, Clint Eastwood but he’s too old… and I would have been the first to say that the only network that could create it was HBO before they ruined game of thrones… now I don’t know who can actually make it and actually do justice to the books I wish jj Abrams was still on the project.

  • Kim

    Not Crowe, Roland was based on Clint Eastwood’s man with no name from his classic westerns. I have seen the perfect Roland, eyes, thin, dark hair starting to grey. His name is Greg and he is the Crew Chief for Densham Motorsports!

  • Jake Graig

    Being a big fan of The Dark Tower Series and Stephen King, I have always anticipated and looked forward to a film adaptation. I also realize that no matter who takes on this project, there will be arguments, disappointments and criticisms about Direction, Writing, Casting and everything in between. There are many hardcore Dark Tower fans out there, (myself included), and we all have our own ideas how the series should be adapted to film. I have read many comments and blogs about it and have agreed with some and disagreed with many. With that said, here are my thoughts…
    The number one priority to whomever takes on this project is to stay true to the author’s vision. Granted, translating Mr. King’s work to the screen and staying true to his vision would seem an overwhelming task, but he has said numerous times that his goal was to write a big, sprawling, epic novel and one of his inspirations was watching “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” on the big screen. In his own words, “I wanted to write a novel that contained Tolkien’s sense of quest and magic, but set against an almost absurdly majestic western backdrop. And what I wanted even more was to give the reader the feeling of epic, apocalyptic SIZE.”
    My hope is that the filmakers involved will keep this in mind during the production and realize you cannot accomplish this on the small screen.
    Peter Jackson stayed true to Tolkien’s vision. Lets hope they (the filmakers) will stay true to King’s.
    One last thought. I feel that the Direction, the Writing and the Casting is the most important aspect of staying true to Mr. King’s vision. And for this to happen, he should be actively involved in these aspects of the adaptation. And although I feel Russell Crowe would do a good job as Roland, my personal and only choice for the role is Kurt Russell.

  • donna andereson

    I do not want this to be hacked up into movies.This story is just to big,there is no way to do it justice. Has ANYONE even asked Clint Eastwood??? Everyone who has read the books knows who King had in mind for the Gunslinger. If it has to be done,then do it RIGHT,besides no one knows how old Roland is.

  • Anthony

    I want to see Hugh Jackman or bardem play Roland. Another important role in my mind is the boy. They are actually important roles. I have liked the series for a while and I would hate to see it messed up by Hollywood.

  • Lois

    Michael Fassbender. Piercing eyes, not too young; he’d be perfect.

  • Cy

    I’d be fine with Crowe as Roland as long as he pulls a “Machinist” a la Christian Bale and drops a ton of weight to pull off a more haunting look.

  • Fahd

    I have to say….Crowe would be an awful choice to play Roland. I think the only man who could do this role justice would be Daniel-Day Lewis. He’s just the right age and he has the perfect look.

  • King fan since elementary school

    Crowe has neither the look nor the introspection to pull off Roland. Viggo has the look but lets be honest he lacks depth as well. We need a subtle and introspective actor Bardem was perfect. I keep envisioning Bardem’s character in No Country (although slightly more on this side of Right) trailing the Man in Black across the desert…no one else can come close.

  • tony roberts

    The guy who played Sawyer in Lost, just dye his hair, but he has the swagger/attitude to do Roland justice, and the staying power to complete the saga! Crowe would pull out halfway through due to some stupid excuse/being drunk!

  • Keith

    Crowe could work. Ever see 3:10 to Yuma? Great in a western. Although, he’s been fat recently, would have to lose some weight. Also, a total bad ass, Gladiator anyone??!!

  • Bill

    Please don’t let it be Crowe! Oh please no! This is an amazing series and Roland is a great character who needs to be played by the right actor. Personally, I would love to see either Viggo Mortensen, Daniel Craig, or Hugh Jackman in the role. But anyone who considers either Russel Crowe and Javier Bardem as a potential Roland of Gilead must have never read the series. I would love to see this series done right on the big screen. If its Crowe… well, lets just say I fear for the Beams.

  • donna andereson

    I really don’t want this movie made. The story is SOOOO BIG, there is no way that any movie can do it justice. This is my all time favorite series of books. I wish that everyone could read it. Everyone who has read “The Dark Tower” knows who King had in mind when he described Roland. Has ANYONE even asked Clint Eastwood?? If this has to be a movie,then at least get the right leading man. No one else will do,besides no one knows how old Roland is

  • Karen

    Crowe is a terrible choice for Roland. My vote is for Hugh Laurie. Mortenson is a close second. If Crowe plays the part I probably wont waste my money on it.

  • tinwe

    I’m surprised at so many negative reactions to Crowe. I myself think it’s a pretty good choice..I never saw the gunslinger as Eastwood (I know King says it himself, but still) and he’s way too old for that now. Viggo Mortensen might be a good choice..can’t think of anyone else right now, but I would be ok with Russell..He already proved that western suits him in The quick and the dead and in 3:10 to Yuma…

  • http://facebook brenda

    i agree with the first 3 choices…or even better … sam elliott…russell crowe in this part is a joke….did the people at warner brothers even read the books?

  • Chris

    I would rather see Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortenson, or even Hugh Jackman before Crowe

  • Shawn Becker

    I think King should step up and play the part, if he can be serious on film.

  • daniel

    Eastwood if he were 20 or so years younger would be okay. I have alway thought that Sam Elliot would be a great Roland. That is just my opinion though

  • jor

    No Eastwood is too old. I think Vigo mortinson would be perfect. He has the perfect look. The guy who played charley in lost and merry in tlotr. Viica a fox as Susanah and unknown as Jake.

  • Shawn Becker

    I think Josh Brolin should play Roland, he has the right look and attitude, and is great in westerns.
    {Josh Brolin is the guy who plays in MIB3 as a young tommy lee jones, as agent K}

  • Cory

    For the record, anybody but R.C. as Roland would be preferable, but if that’s the case, so be it. Movie/Series=Necessity

  • Sean J McCoy

    NO. No way in hell can Crowe pull this off.

  • Cory


  • Stand Trur

    No way Crowe can take on this role simply because he has blue eyes, he just isn’t the right fit. I’m a huge tower fan but if Bale plays Roland I won’t see any of it. He already completely ruined batman, won’t let him destroy the tower as well. Lol

  • Nancy Eldredge

    Let’s all bombard Clint Eastwood with snail mail BEGGING him to play Roland! (He does not have a public e-mail address) His mailing address is Clint Eastwood c/o Malpaso Productions Warner Bros., 4000 Warner Blvd,Burbank Ca 91505

  • justine

    I agree with Kelly. The books would translate better to a pure mini series on hbo then to a movie where they will feel the need to cast someone like Crow, who is totally wrong for the part. An unknown with talent or at least relative unknown would work far better. I love these books so much, if the studio screws them up I will be all kinds of pissed.

  • Nancy Eldredge

    There is no one more fitted to this role than Clint Eastwood!

  • SK #1 Fan

    I think that Javier Bardem could pull it off much better than Russell Crowe, but certainly neither was who I pictured as I devoured the books. I agree with the person who said a younger-looking Clint Eastwood would be perfect – those piercing eyes! But you know what? I don’t really care who they cast – I just want this movie, series, whatever, made! Please please please. It will be absolutely fantastic, especially if Ron Howard does it. In my opinion, it’s the best series ever, and it will stay with me forever. Thanks!

  • Marie

    I honestly think out of all the people suggested in these comments, that Crowe would be the best choice. Granted there may be someone out there who could play the part better, out of the names being tossed out he is who I would go with. Clint Eastwood is too old and too much western in his appereance, Bardem just isnt logical, he’s too dark in the evil sense, and Bale just no… he wouldnt fit at all. To me, now this is just my opinion, Crowe would be the best fit, he has the ability to be more than just a one trick pony, and I don’t mind his acting abilities at all. If there was someone else who WB thought might be able to take on the role better than Crowe than it would be interesting to see who they would pick… if it was any of the other choices seen here then i probably wouldn’t watch the movies….
    I love the Dark Tower series and would loooove to see it come to life on the big screen. It is my favorite book series from my all time favorite author. They could do wonders with this movie if they picked the right people for the parts.

  • Melissa

    I hate to say it because he is just an awful person but Christian Bale would be my second pick for Roland with the obvious of Clint Eastwood being first. I do think the chick who plays Tara Thorton in True Blood would make a great Suzanne. I just cant see Crowe as Roland. He has done some great work but his look is not Roland

  • Dan

    no no no russel crowe is such a bad choice and 2 b honest clint just doesent have the eyes i have 2 agree with kelly about picking an unknown (or at least lesser known) actor 2 play roland. eddie however i think should be played by chirs pine (the guy who played kirk in star trek) he has the right attitude and looks alot like i imagined eddie 2 look like as for the rerst of the main charicters i have no clue

  • John

    Let’s face it; who didn’t think of Eastwood when reading the books. But he’s 82. Maybe 20 years ago, or if they can make him look a lot younger that would be great. Crowe should do fine. I think Adrian Brody has the better look for the part.

  • Misty Ring

    Or is there any way to get Clint Eastwood to do this role….petition anyone?

  • Misty Ring

    I really don’t think that Crowe should be Roland. I have always imagined Clint Eastwood for the actor even though he’s too old i’m sure we could make him look younger. I know that isn’t an option but Crowe I don’t think is talented enough to play Roland Deschain (granted I really don’t see him as Superman either). To make an exaggeration I think putting Crowe as Roland is like making Will Ferrel the man in black.

  • holly daws

    This book series is essentially what sparked my love for the written word. The Dark Tower turned me from a girl who never picked up a novel, into a complete bookWORM!! It is without a doubt my all time favourite series of books, and it would be a travesty if the studios decided not to take on this epic project. Its true that a 3 part movie series would not be able to house all of the spectacular content of the 8 books, however there is so much amazing material to chose from, that any part of it would be a privelage to watch. As long as they include the tete-a-tete and my adorable Oy of course :) Come on WB, give this constant reader of King something to be exited about.

  • Adam


  • Loma Morant

    Please, please don’t cast him. He can be a great actor but he simply is not right for any leading role in the Dark Tower :'(

  • Friday Hefler

    Javier Bardem, with good accent control would be a decent choice, But Russell Crowe? Being an action star, doesn’t qualify to to star in every action film.

    There is not a lot of “action” anyhow, if the tales are told well. Too Bad Jack Palance isn’t alive and 30 years younger. He’d have been perfect.

    Roland shouldn’t be young looking or too handsome.

  • michelle hernandez

    Oh please stop teasing me!!! I WANT THIS DAMN MOVIE DONE PLEASE!!

  • Kelly

    I want to see this series come to life as an HBO or Showtime Series. It would work so much better than a movie/TV combo. Whoever plays Roland should be someone unknown….cast wider nets to find the right characters!!!!

  • http://facebook James Shipp

    O M G seriously i can see Roland portrayed by Crowe before Javier anyway “Blue Bombradier eyes”.If you have read the books , 8 novels and i think they are up to 8 Graphic novels telling the pre-Dark Tower quest as well as the Da Ja Vu ‘esq return to the trail of the man in black , then i’m sure you will agree , aside from Clint Eastwood ,Russel Crow is the best logical choice for the Knight errant from Gilead.

  • Shel

    Nononononono. Don’t like this. He’s not Roland. Bardem or Bale could be Roland.

    Crowes got puppy dog eyes………… Roland doesn’t have no puppy dog eyes!

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