Vin Diesel To Star In Marvel’s Upcoming Avengers 2 As Vision?

Vin Diesel VisionWell in the same week as the big Avengers 2 announcement, Chronicles of Riddick star Vin Diesel posted this photo of marvel comic book character Vision to his Facebook profile… with a caption that reads True Vision. Vin Diesel does use Facebook to keep his fans in the know, sooo…trying to tell us something here Vin?

Along with Black Panther and Iron Fist…Vision was named a while back as one of Marvel’s lesser known properties that could make it’s way to the silver screen… and perhaps The Avengers 2 is that debut.

Vision is a superhuman, solar powered android that originally appeared in The Avengers comic in 1968. The red and yellow synthezoid was originally created by the robot Ultron to avenge Ant-Man…another possible character joining the Avengers 2 gang. An alternate fan favorite for the Vision role is Clark Gregg, who starred as Agent Phil Coulson in the avengers.

Ever since Agent Coulson’s death, fans have been trying to find a way to bring him back to the franchise and Vision could be a way to do it. One fan even went so far as to sculpt this intricate 3D imagining of Clark Gregg as Vision.

Source: ClevverMovies

  • MarcusStrong85

    WOW! This could really be an interesting turn for him. I loved him in The Fast and Furious movies, but this role is going to take him in a different direction.

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