Black Ops 4 Review: A Mess Of A Multiplayer

Black Ops 4 has an identity crisis, the multiplyer has copied or has been influenced from many popular games on the market, so much that it doesn’t feel like the Black Ops game I come to expect. I’m glad the boost jumping wasn’t implemented in the game.

The 150 health doesn’t make any sense, too many inconsistencies, sometimes a few shots kill you, other times you survive. If i equip the armor, will i tank a few extra shots? nope, I still get killed with one shot. I’m not a fan of having to shoot a needle into myself to regain health back. After a gun battle, I now have to do two things, reload, then shoot a needle for health. The game is too busy, gone are the days of gun on gun action. It’s too much things specialist can unleash, barb wire, microwave shield, flash bang from Ajax that blind and stun you.

The thrill is gone:
I can not take this game serious, when it’s quite obvious that the developer favors the sniper class. Throughout the life cycle of Treyarch games, you’ll see many guns get nerfed and buffed, except the sniper class. Making the user having to adapt to no longer use their favorite weapon and instead tryout different weapons.

When a game has terrible hit detection and has a high ping rate, it’s very irresponsible to have one shot kill weapons, I predict that the sniper class will not receive any fixes but buffs.

Blackout mode was decent, I’m not a fan of the mode. Zombies is fun when played with friends.

Overall: I’m not having fun, which is strange, cause I had high hopes for this game. The state in which the multiplyer is currently in, I cant recommend this game. The weapons need to be balanced, all classes, and top priority in matchmaking should be connection.

Activision provided a copy of the game.

About the Game:
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Treyarch
Genre: FPS
MSRP: $59.99