Dead Rising 4 Game Review

Frank West is back as the protagonist in Dead Rising. Frank now teaches journalism at a college, were one of his students Vick, lies to him about going out to play mini golf. In actually, she wants frank to help here uncover a tip she got of something weird happening in Willamette.

Frank is still spewing plenty of quips and one-liners throughout the gameplay. This time around Frank’s camera has got a few upgrades, thermal and night vision. It helps aide in investigations. The camera is still fun, taking pictures of enemies, people and selfies with zombies is an art onto itself.

One huge difference in this game from past Dead Rising games is that the 72 hours timer has been removed. I actually like how they removed the 72 hour timer as it now gives you time to fully explore the world. I felt that I didn’t have to rush around, I can now mow down zombies on my own pace.

Killing zombies is what the game is about, it’s the different ways you kill hordes of zombies that make the game so fun. The game does an excellent job of making sure that you’ll always in action, it’s never a dull moment, only when you talk and have to do some investigation. The gameplay is engaging and enjoyable, the Christmas themed mall hit’s it perfect.

Frank has a ton of outrageous weapons he can craft by combining two objects. Glass Knuckles, Blambow, Ice Chain Gun, the list goes on. There is also an Exo suit that can be equipped, that will allow you to carry powerful weapons only accessible while the suit is equipped. One thing the game does so well, is that there is also a variation of ways to kill.

The leveling up system gives you a reason to keep grinding, as the skill points will help you increase health and other attributes. You’ll level up pretty fast, it’s really not a grind. I was able to spend a handful of skill points in the skill tree in the first half hour.

Closing Comments: Dead Rising 4 is a fun and addictive game.

About the Game:
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Third Person
MSRP: $59.99