Destiny 2 faction rally is back Today

Destiny 2’s faction rally Is back Today, just like the last time, you have 3 different fractions to choose from. Dead Orbit won the lst time, I wonder if players will switch to either Monarchy or Future War Cult.

Dead Orbit will offer the Eye of Another World ornament and the Graviton Lance Catalyst. New Monarchy will offer the Crest of Alpha Lupi ornament and the Sweet Business Catalyst. Future War Cult will offer the Knucklehead Radar ornament and the Sunshot Catalyst.

Dead Orbit is represented by Arach Jalaal who is located in the Tower Hanger. Future War Cult is represented by Lakshmi-2 who is located in the lounge above the Tower Hanger. New Monarchy is represented by Executor Hideo who is located in the Tower Bazaar.