Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War Update #4 New Assignment

The fourth free Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War update, New Assignment, brings you 3 new classes and 2 new maps for the Extraction game mode. New Assignment launches on 3.14.18.

The third free Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War update, Extended Ops, brings you the new Extraction Mode with exclusive new maps. Icon Costumes are also being added, based on operators from Rainbow Six Siege as well as characters from the main game.

Available in all PvP modes, the new classes introduced in New Assignment are: The Trapper: an expert shooter equipped with a semi-automatic sniper rifle with the ability to mark downed enemies and deploy remote KO-gas traps to stun and damage enemies. The Guerilla: a support-class specialized in diversion tactics and equipped with a smoke-grenade launcher drone. The Stalker: a sharpshooter specialized in silently dispatching her enemies thanks to her special abilities.