NBA 2K19 Patch 5 Updates 6GB

The update on the PS4 was 6GB. I did not see any update on the server.

– Fixed an issue where headphones would be removed when entering Ante-Up or using the Subway.
– Users are now able to see other players’ headphones when viewing them in the Neighborhood.
– End-of-game improvements to the Dodgeball experience.
– Improved lighting quality inside the new Ante-Up daily spin room.
– The VC amount should now always properly appear above the court when in the Ante-Up courts.
– When playing a crew game, all users will properly appear in their crews uniform (i.e. will not appear as a mascot).

– Fixed a disconnect issue that users were reporting during the Court Conquerors events.
– (Switch) Fixed an issue where areas of the walls would lack collision in the new Ante-Up prize wheel room. Make sure to visit location daily to get in your free spins for prizes!
– Users will no longer be required to finish out games against all AI players when the opposing team forfeits by leaving the game.