Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails Teaser Trailer

Rare announced that Cursed Sails, the second major free content update for “Sea of Thieves,” will be releasing on July 31.

Highlights of the press release below:

As part of Rare’s ongoing commitment to deliver new Sea of Thieves content throughout the year, Cursed Sails will offer “Sea of Thieves'” biggest update yet at no charge for those who own the game or access it through Xbox Game Pass. Players will now be able to battle terrifying new skeleton ships, set sail in the new three-player Brigantine ship and form Alliances with other players to take on bigger challenges and share greater rewards.

This permanent new content will be introduced into the game through a special time-limited campaign. Offering players a range of unique rewards, this three-week campaign will see skeleton ships terrorize outposts and challenge pirates to do battle on the seas. A story-driven side quest will also allow players to investigate the source of the skeleton scourge.