SOULCALIBUR VI – Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na EVO Trailer Reveal

Astaroth and Seung Mi-na are entering the SOULCALIBUR VI arena.

Highlights of the press release below:
Astaroth, created by a cult who worshipped the Greek god Ares to locate Soul Edge, returns with his giant axe in-hand and a deadly attitude in tow. Swinging his giant axe with great strength, only the most skilled warriors stand a chance before Astaroth in the arena of battle.

Astute opponents may be able to exploit Astaroth’s lumbering speed to their own advantage with quick strikes and dodges. Weak opponents should just prepare for destruction.

Seung Mi-na was born to battle. Having grown up in the famous Korean Seong Dojang headed by her father, her formative years were spent around weapons of all types, many of which she learned to use quite well or even better than her father. When denied the chance to join the military to protect Korea from invaders due to her gender, she took on the mission to locate Soul Edge to prove herself to her nation.