Ricardo Arjona, New Single’s Video, “Puente”

With only a week before the world premiere of his new album “Poquita Ropa”, Ricardo Arjona once again surprises the world with the video for first single off the album, “Puente”. This incredible video justifies the song’s lyrics to the greatest extent. The video was directed by Argentinean director Joaquín Cambre, who’s creative visions have worked with Ricardo before to direct the video for the single “Sin Ti, Sin Mi”. “Poquita Ropa” Ricardo Arjona’s new release will go on sale on Tuesday, August 24th. The album includes 12 new tracks, 12 tracks in “Poquita Ropa” (minimal clothes).

About the production, Cambre comments: “Puente for me is an array of images that tell the same story in opposite realities. Two boys exactly alike; one lives in an abandoned hotel on the beach and the other lives in a big city skyscraper, yet both are equally lonely. Miami and Havana are where those two boys are in their own worlds and see that the only way out of their realms are when they decide to encounter one another.

We were able to find these to marvelous locations that allowed us to bridge these opposite scenarios that carried over so well into the cinematography. On one side a quaint and contrasted light from the sun trying to shine through and on the other side cold and more ecstatic sort of plain tones but when intertwined generate a completely deeper meaning. Puente takes us along with Arjona’s lyrical poetry on a storytelling journey that helps us understand the difficulties of differences in distance. “