Gears Of War 3 Wishlist

Here is my Wish-list of features for the upcoming Gears Of War 3. I play gears almost daily, with friends and sometimes with random gamers, and here are some tweets and features I have heard that many would like to be implemented in GOW3.

Kill-cam: I know that this has been shot down already, but c-mon, how can this game not have a kill-cam, what will I do with the 14 seconds of spawn time, Kill-cam will be a nice way to kill time with.

Host migration: This should be first on the list, I hate to break it to some of you guys, but not everyone has a good enough connection to actually host a game.

Option to quit: There has to be an option to quit/leave the game. I don’t want to have to sign-out or dashboard, just to leave a game.

Report player: Just like the one that Call Of Duty: Black Ops has. Theater mode: Halo, Cod has them why not Gears.

Downed player/kill steal: If you down the player, why should the other guy get credit for the kill. I like what  Black ops did with the second chance perk, if you down a player  and if someone else shot and killed him , you get the credit for the kill, he only gets an assit for it.

I would love to hear from some of you gear fans as to what other ideas you may have.

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  • DaKidChriz112

    Theres a few things i would want for gears 3 , 1st is i would want the sawed off shotgun removed or made less powerful. Second i loved the tourque bow tag i hope they leave it on gears 3. 3rd is they should really add a kill cam that would be cool. Btw thats my gamer tag send me a request or something to play some gears.

  • ColeDaddy

    Fortunately I just got my beta key yesterday from a free giveaway website so I can offer my first impressions! Overall I think it’s a decent game, and it’s a far cry from Gears Of War 2 which I didn’t like so much.

    If you guys haven’t gotten your beta key yet, the site I used is still giving away keys. I don’t know if they have any left, but if you want to try your luck here’s the site:


    Good luck and have fun!

  • Wisdom Thumbs

    The only idea you had here that I agree with would be Kill-Cam. It would be a great way to kill time, as you said, and would also let you see how that guy who just killed you manage to get right up next to you without you seeing him. And you could always skip it to go right back to the game and give your still-alive teammates some eyes in the sky.

    But even then, Kill-Cam isn’t necessary, so I don’t think Epic needs to expend the effort to shoe-horn it in.

    As for Theater Mode, that’s a REALLY complex thing to make. Epic has said they’re taking out the ability to make screenshots too, because this game is just so huge that they can’t add in something as unnecessary as Theater and Screenshots. I’ll miss the latter and hope for the former, but I don’t want Epic to lose disk space over something like this.

    As for an option to quit… no. In Gears of War, where teams are very small and winning requires as many people as possible working all angles of the compact maps, having one or two players quit can just screw you over for the rest of the match. So giving people an easy option to quit? Hell no. Myself, half the games of Gears of War (both 1 and 2) I’ve ever played involved at least three people quitting by the end. Those were the good matches.

    Now, there is Host Migration. It’s already in there. HOWEVER, it will never be used unless the Dedicated Servers go down. The Dedicated Server will be host 99.9%, probably 100% of the time.

    There’s also no need for Report Player. The only thing you can report someone for in Gears of War is if they’re glitching or going outside the map. Since you have to have video-footage of the person doing glitching or going outside the map, Report Player would be useless. Also, Epic has added in kill-barriers that murder you if you step outside the boundaries of the map.

    Now, as for the Assist thing, it’s already in there. However, the Assist goes to the guy who downed the victim. What I think should happen is that if you down someone, you get the kill no matter what, but the other guy gets all the XP from the execution plus the Assist points. However, you ARE killing the guy if you’re doing the execution, so common-sense says that even if you’re kill-stealing you’re still getting the kill. And I tend to let my teammates execute people, as I’m too busy killing the rest of the enemy team to stop for a moment.

  • Jonathan

    A killcam would not e good imo. It worked in COD because there were so many different guns and ways to kill people. In gears you would be watching the same types over and over again

  • Tom

    So basically, you are wanting 99% of the features of a unique, and in my opinion repetitive franchise, put into Gears of War, that has always been known for its different style of play. Nearly every comment you make referes to COD. If you want those i suggest playing COD, rather than changing an already successful game. The only thing that needs to be changed is the host advantage. I play GOW avidly on a daily basis, and i for one am sick of people leaving games on GOW1, and the cxompetitve edge is lost. It ruins the game, and the replacement is bots…. wow. Unfortunately, after examination of the gameplay from PAX, it seems as if the damage of weapons like the lancer and shotgun is extremely powerful, but i hope Epic will realise and add some, in my opinion, skill based play, as it lacks severely in GOW2, and quite simply, the hard aiming is tiresome. finally, the game will have dedicated servers so host migration fail, and also, as theater would be a good idea, itd bring the so called “try hards” from their 360’ing ways off BlackOps, trying to make their montages on GOW3, where they are not welcome.

    Kind Regards,

    Proud Essay Writer, and avid Gears of War follower, and enthusiast.
    Hit me up in the annex lobbys ;)

  • Rayne


    Do some god damn research..idiot.

  • joesph

    Also can I spawn with a gun ?

    listen, every other game on the market, has many of these features in there online game, it would be ashamed if gears 3 doesn’t

  • gnfans

    nah Graham,

    Gears would never be COD, i feel what the article is doing, gears 3 can’t be as simple as gears 2 with it’s multiplayer.

  • Graham

    So basically this article is… ‘Yo Epic can you turn Gears into Cod? K thanx.’. Fuck that…I hate COD don’t want to be constantly reminded while shotgunning everyone in the anus. Hellz yeah. 2 fingers to COD.

  • tinman888

    Zach, how is the shotgun too powerful in Gears 2? If you’ve ever played Gears 1 you’d know it’s a lot less powerful than it could be. I think they should up the power, but eliminate some of the range. Also, assault rifles need to have less damage.

  • Zach

    Dedicated Severs and a good balance of weapon strength, Gnasher shotgun is to Powerful in Gears 2, hopefully the beta helps this problem and theater mode would be awesome.

  • john w

    It should definitely have Theatre mode this time!! And dedicated servers, if not then the game will fail epicaly :)

  • domfan

    hey tony,

    check this out:

    Gears 3 will include true host migration, meaning that if the person who started the game decides to quit (probably because you’re beating them too badly), the game is designed to seamlessly choose another player to control the game without skipping a beat. -source

  • Tony

    Dude, it’s going to have dedicated servers? Why would they need host migration?

  • burbankthnug

    better rank system

  • sammyshoe

    gears 2 needed a Theater mode, much easier to report players that glitched.

  • gerasd

    Yup, included a quit feature