Captain America: Super Soldier Game Review Reviewed by: Mario Diaz
Format: Xbox 360
Game Rating: 3.5/5.0

In Captain America: Super Soldier your mission is to save the world and stop Red Skull and his Hydra forces. The storyline is slightly based on the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, as it takes place in the same movie universe set in World War II. Marvel Comic’s own Chrsitos Gage writes its storyline.

The villains’ that were pull directly from the pages of Captain America comic books that you’ll encounter throughout the game are Iron Cross, Baron von Strucker, Madame Hydra and Red Scull.

The Red Skull, isn’t featured as much as one would think, he takes a step back to his under bosses. The Campaign has a good length, as each level takes sometime and patience, if you’re looking to find collectables for extra points and unlockables, it will surly have you exploring every inch of the map.

Gameplay: Chris Evans lends his voice and likeness as Captain America, as you dawn a costume that bears an American flag theme and your only weapon is an indestructible shield.

The developers did a great job in making you feel as if you’re a super soldier, as Captain feels almost indestructible. You’re tremendously agile, as your able to maneuver around a bunch of enemies, jump over and slide away from an assault. There’s also some platforming, which has Captain America doing his best “Assassin Creed” impersonation, as you’ll be jumping from pipe to pipe, ledge to ledge, all with else.

The combat system is the games biggest strength; as it’s very smooth and simple to execute moves. Captain America doesn’t use any guns, nor does he pick them up, only every so often will you have an opportunity to use a torrent. The shield becomes Cap’s only long-range attack, as you can throw it and use it to block projectile and deflect bullets.

The better you do in combat the more your finisher meter rises, once it’s filled you’ll unleash one hit finisher. The finisher’s are shown in slow motion, as you’ll see Captain America break an enemies faceguard, shattering it with one punch. They is also an ability to hold an enemies as a body-shield and use his weapon to target his own comrades. The combat gets better as you unlock and are able to upgrade more combo moves for more added power and more abilities.

Things to Do: You’ll have a lot of objects to collect that are scattered around. Each objects, will it be a dossier, schematics, top-secret files, and so on, will earn you points to upgrade your combat and unlockable art concepts. There are also reels to collect, which are shorts films that show the origins of villains and heroes.

Closing: In a year where we saw countless comic book heroes brought to the big screen, Captain America: Super Soldier is by far the best well-rounded movie-based game in this years bunch.

About the Game:
Published by: SEGA
Developed by: Next Level Games
Genre: Action
Release Date: US: July 19, 2011
MSRP: $39.99