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Founded in 2002 So Hood Magazine Before. After. Now is the true embodiment of what represents the struggle, the pain, and the hustle, which people in the hood go through in the game of life. Before is the past, after comes the laughs, now is the present, as well as the future which holds ones path.

Each magazine cover of ‘So Hood’ captures the true essence of the streets. It portrays raw images of a time or place where people strive to become something in life, even while growing up having nothing. Our magazine’s intention is to look at ones life in three chapters; there’s a before, an after and a now. Whether it’s writers, poets, comic book illustrators, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, actors, athletes or models, we have everyone covered. It’s not always about where you’re from but about what you know. When it’s all said and done, after you’re gone, what’s your outcome or how you put it down. We strongly feel that not having someone on the cover isn’t any different than that hood cat hustling on street corner just trying to maintain or a mother of seven kids holding it down. We’re not just your typical magazine, that will throw just anyone on the cover as if it’s Baskin Robbins the flavor of the month. It’s about capturing the essence of the streets. Our front covers alone are letting you know they’re born in the hood and even before, now and after, they’ll forever be loved in their hood.

There’s a line I like in the beginning of the film Gladiator where Maximus speaks to his soldiers just before they head into battle “What we do in life echoes an eternality” that line best describes what So Hood Magazine is about the struggle, the pain, the hustle, and sacrifices that people make everyday to survive not just in the hood but life in general is a battle that all of us have to face head on. And it’s our duty to report and document their stories whether if it’s on print, video or online their stories are going to be told and cemented into people’s minds forever.

Peace, Love, & Respect,
-Edwin Diaz, Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief of So Hood Magazine

Editor’s Note: We’re no longer publishing in print. We’re focusing all our energy online.

So Hood Magazine & SoHood.com

Present Contributing Writers

CEO/Editor-in-Chief: Edwin Diaz

CEO/Game Reviewer: Mario Diaz

Senior Writers: Armando Rojas, Jason “Zenth” Betemit, Jenny Green, Johnny Pavlik, Michelle Thomas, Josh Bowman

Book Reviews: Edwin Diaz and Michelle Thomas

Music/Blu-Ray/DVD Product Reviewers: Michelle Thomas, Josh Bowman, Johnny Pavlik, Cory Marshall, Mark Peterson, Emily Solinas, Robert Green, Khan Mitchell, Jacob Williams, Sam Bondman, Christopher Greenberg, Jason Johnson, Greg Linsun, Ishan Sharma, Derek Lawrence, Jeff Garland, Peter Garland, Justin Miller, etc

Gossip News: Natalie Ramirez, Lily Lee

Music Editors: Rory Marshall, Derek Lawrence


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