Juicy J – ‘Bounce It’ (Feat. Wale & Trey Songz) Music Video

Juicy J – ‘Bounce It’ (Feat. Wale & Trey Songz) Music VideoView this new music video from Juicy J Featuring Wale & Trey Songz, the track is titled ‘Bounce It’. View some of the lyrics from Juicy J to the song ‘Bounce It’ below: [Juicy J] Yessir… I love the way she slow dance, she make me throw more bands Grabbin’ ass with both hands, she in love with the dope man She wanna be my main chick, I

was thinking different (different) Clap that ass, light our blunt, baby, let’s get ig’nant (ig’nant) She’s strips for the Gs, rake cash like leaves She got double Ds, and ain’t shit free Came with my goons but I’m leaving with a diva With an ass like Serena and a face

like Aaliyah Redbone in some red bottoms, she ain’t finished college, she a head doctor Bouncing ass while I’m getting high as propellers on a helicopter Let’s do it again, me, you and your friend We don’t even need a room, give me head up in my Benz Where my double cup, time to pour it up Got a bitch so bad you can’t afford to fuck

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