Movie: Guillermo del Toro Confirms DC ‘Dark Universe’ Movie

Video Description: IGN sat down with del Toro and asked him about the rumored team-up that was being called “Heaven Sent”. Del Toro said quote, “Yeah, I’m doing it…I’m writing the outline and are in talks with…a very good writer. I think people are going to be happy with who we have chosen.”

He wouldn’t reveal who the writer is, but did say he has been courting him for quite some time and is confident he is the perfect person to pen the script. As for what the movie will be called, del Toro said the working title is “Dark Universe” and will for sure include Swamp Thing, Constantine, Dead Man, Spectre and Zatanna Zatara. He wouldn’t give away any more than that insisting if he did it would hint at the plot of the movie, suggesting they will be looking to the comics as source material for the storyline.

So when can we expect to see Dark Universe on the big screen? Though Del Toro insists that they are in the process of developing the story and writing the script, they have not received an official greenlight from the studio, but he says Warner Bros is looking to build a cohesive universe with their DC characters

Source: ClevverNews

  • Longpig

    GdT is an amazing director (if you haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet please do so! pplleeassee) and the dark and the weird is his forte. I look forward more to a Justice League Dark movie more than a Justice League movie….

  • Hypoxic

    Hot damn, I hope Dark Universe gets made. Of the Big Two, DC’s characters are infinitely more interesting and less pretentious. Marvel can eat it.

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