Trey Songz – ‘NaNa’

Trey Songz – ‘NaNa’Listen To this new Track from Trey Songz, the track is titled ‘NaNa’. View some of the lyrics from Trey Songz to the song ‘NaNa’ below (remember these are not the official lyrics): Baby I’m the one you lying I’mma get you as a liar Oh yeah I’mma give it to you right now Best time oh your life, yeah, oh yeah Baby when you ready tell the waitress get the check Girl I know you

ready I don’t even gotta check You been through the worst let me show you who the best You know I’mma get you right, get them boys to the left, like You the one who’s got a bed, yeah You the one I’ve never had, yeah, oh yeah All the problems you did have Leave them broke fellas in the past, yeah, oh yeah Girl you have good,

but I could give you better I’ll have you take it bout forever I’mma make you say I’m feeling lucky tonight Everybody say When we leave this party, you gon’ love me tonight Everybody say You feeling lucky tonight When we leave this party, you gon’ love me tonight

  • ana


  • amber s

    Love this song !

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