Yo Gotti Cold Blood Feat. J. Cole Video

Yo Gotti Cold Blood Feat. J. Cole VideoView this new music video from Yo Gotti Featuring J. Cole, the track is titled ‘Cold Blood’. View some of the lyrics from Yo Gotti to the song ‘Cold Blood’ below (remember these are not the official lyrics): [Verse 1: Yo Gotti] In a nigga.. yeah No love in a nigga.. If I can paint a picture, I’d show you a image Of a

dog ass nigga, yea, a raw ass nigga Poppin pain killers, riding for the cause Four dogs wit dem pistols, n-n-natural born killers He sold crack to his mother, turned his back on his brothers Killed his partner for the plug He think everything a hustle C-Cold mufucka, holmes numb Black heart, no feelings, just a gun

He was raised in the trenches Not to mention all the hoe’s dat had dissed him So holmes think the whole world against em Played ball, coach benched em Grandpa Klan lynched em He was raised in Mississippi but he moved up to Memphis Kinda hard to adapt So holmes turned to a strap Didn’t succeed, tried rap, couldn’t fight, got slapped Shot dice, do crap, did time, back out, damn

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